Topic & Dry Skin

Topic & Dry Skin

The product line Topic & Dry Skin is specially formulated for the daily care of dry, irritated and itchy skin. All products are based on balanced herbal combinations that have been specifically formulated for this skin type. In addition to skin-related lipids and moisture factors, they help to stabilize the skin barrier and regulate the moisture content of the skin. All products of this line are free of parabens and deliberately unperfumed and therefore particularly skin-friendly for allergy sufferers. The mild formulations are also ideal for the sensitive skin of small children and babies from the 6th month of life.

    3x Nourishing Hand Cream

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    TOPIC SKIN Face Body Cream product image

    Face & Body Cream

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    TOPIC SKIN Face Body Wash product image

    Face & Body Wash

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    Foot Gel

    Hydrating Foot Gel

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    Nourishing Hand Cream

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